DCT Privacy Policy

Your data is stored by Devon Counselling Training (DCT) within the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For reference, we hold the following information about you:

  • Given/First Name

  • Surname/Family Name

  • Home Address

  • Email Address

  • Work Address (if provided)

  • Telephone numbers you provide

  • Details related to your work role and training that you provide

  • Information about any criminal record or offences (if applicable)

  • How you heard about us

  • Your bank details if provided for the purposes of administering payments only


DCT may use your contact data to communicate with you directly for important information related to course provision and to advise you of new courses and services or placement opportunities. You may opt out of receiving communications from DCT at any time by email or telephone. You can find our contact details here: www.devoncounsellingtraining.co.uk

We do not sell your data, nor do we use it for any purpose other than to provide information from DCT.

If you need to make a change to the information we hold about you, you can do this at any time by informing us by email or telephone. You can find our contact details here: www.devoncounsellingtraining.co.uk


If you want us to delete the information we hold about you then please do let us know by email, and we will do so to the furthest extent possible allowing that we may need to retain some information about you to ensure that we are compliant with any legal requirements, or for the purposes of public safety or our own internal complaints processes.

Personal information which you share with the DCT - for example, personal disclosures as part of your personal development or as part of therapeutic training – are treated in the strictest confidence. This means that DCT will not disclose any such materials unless required by a Court Order or unless such materials provide evidence of criminality, or potential or actual harm to yourself, another person, or to DCT staff.

If you book onto our DCT events, we will share your full name with Course Tutors so they can keep an accurate Register of attendance.